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HiCo-ICS has been a leading global provider of enterprise IT-solutions for industry, authorities and communities since 1997. HiCo-ICS provides process and system integration, information networking of technical logistic documentation and product informations.

HiCo-ICS is, with its product developments in the area of XML, an authentic partner for the integration of internal and external information resources. We offer services, tailored individually to the needs of the several customers, as well as consulting, provision of tools and support during the entire product life cycle.

Our activities especially are focussed on the organisational and process oriented realisation of established iETD-standards like ASD/AIA S1000D®, S2000M and ATA iSpec 2200 with the objective of integrated logistic solutions. HiCo-ICS is a member of the AAIG (Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group) and therefore a full member of ASD (Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe). In 2006 HiCo-ICS was affiliated to the TPSMG – an international Standardization Board for further development of S1000D®.

HiCo-ICS is an associated company of the METIS network GmbH.


  • HiCo-ICS was founded in Eisenstadt / Austria as European provider of IT services & products for integrated & companywide solutions for Information Logistics
  • Headquarter in Eisenstadt, Austria (Vienna Region) with representative in Hamburg (Germany)
  • Business Area: IT solutions for authors, illustrators and logistic departments, interface to CAx departements


  • HiCo-ICS is authorized partner and certified Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Arbortext® products by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
  • Because of the membership at AAIG (Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group), HiCo-ICS is also a full member of the non-profit organization ASD (Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe, formerly AECMA)


  • HiCo-ICS is authorized development and sales partner of SDL Tridion, the leading provider of Web Content Management and Business Communication


  • Affiliation of HiCo-ICS to the TPSMG – the board for the further development of ASD S1000D®
  • Establishment of additional Business Areas Logistic Support Data Centers (Integrated Technical-Logistics Systems) and In-Service Support (ISS)
  • Service Provider for MRO Companies and Operators (Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul), Airlines, Navies


  • HiCo-ICS becomes also authorized Maintenance Service Provider (MSP) and authorized Training Partner of PTC.


  • Since 2008, HiCo-ICS CEO Werner M. Schadelbauer is member of ASD S1000D® Steering Committee


  • Founding of the project partnership „Training Academy Pannonia” as competence center for trainings and workshops in the area Technical Communication & Information Logistics
  • Founding of ILS-Working Group Austria on October 12, 2009 in Vienna for experience exchange in ILS and for participation as representing party at international boards. Werner M. Schadelbauer, CEO of HiCo-ICS, was elected as chairman.


  • Because of the experience in the environment of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) and the long-term, trusting corporation with PTC, in 2010 HiCo-ICS became also sales and solution partner for Windchill® Quality Solutions (formerly Relex®) by PTC
  • Werner M. Schadelbauer becomes also member of the ASD S3000L Steering Committee.
  • Since 2010, HiCo-ICS is part of the Microsoft Partner Network as Certified Partner for Software and Web Development.


  • Founding of METIS network GmbH as full-line supplier for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) with HiCo-ICS as associated company.