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Customer Feedback

  • What our customers say:

„Over 100 technical manuals. Over 200 paper folders. Over 15 meters of documentation. Over 1 m³ of used space.

With HiCo as a reliable partner, HDW successfully took the step from paper manuals to interactive Electronic Technical Documentation."

Barbara Bennemann, Head of Logistic Procedures & IT
Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH, Germany


"The software of HiCo-ICS has proved itself in front of competitors as the leading system. The impression from market observation, that HiCo-ICS can deliver a technologically advanced and future-oriented product, has been confirmed and strengthened.

Especially the capability to adapt to current and future standards tipped the scales for a partnership with HiCo-ICS. The excellent impression which we received, motivated us to continue the collaboration with HiCo-ICS."

Frank Reich, Head of Public Solutions
IBM Deutschland GmbH, Germany


"From our point of view, the HiCo ietdSuite® is technologically the most advanced application for documentation projects according to standard ASD S1000D on the market.

Through numerous functions, authors are assisted at many routine and painstaking tasks and therefore can concentrate on the content more effectively. The usage of a high-performance CMS like the HiCo ietdSuite® helps to significantly increase the efficiency in authoring.

Also for further processes like publication and publishing of IETD and paper, the HiCo-ICS products have gained a high level of automation by now. The HiCo X-Publisher® shall be mentioned here."

Achim Redenius, Head of IETD & Logistic Databases
Rheinmetall Technical Publications GmbH, Germany


„Already in 2010, Pilatus replaced the existing IETP-Viewer software by the HiCo X-Browser and increased customer satisfaction significantly. The positive experiences in terms of stability, performance, usage and flexibility encouraged us to use the complete HiCo ietdSuite® / HiCo iLS.Suite™ solution in the future. In carrying out this complete replacement of the DMS systems at the end customers of Pilatus Aircraft, HiCo-ICS proved client proximity, competence and persistence. Because of the consistently positive experiences at the introduction of the Browser software, we put aside a further evaluation. Instead, we reinforced our decision with various reference visits at customers of HiCo-ICS.

With the existing functional scope of the HiCo iLS.Suite™ and HiCo ietdSuite®, the requirements of Pilatus can be realized immediately. The introduction of the HiCo ietdSuite® decreased the error rate within the publishing process and significantly improved the efficiency at the publication of contents as well as at the deployment to the end customers of Pilatus Aircraft. In comparison to the previous product, the costs for licenses and maintenance were significantly reduced.

Pilatus uses the standard products of HiCo-ICS also as OEM partner at PC-12 and PC-21 programs. Currently, approximately 680 PC-12 customers of Pilatus Aircraft worldwide are using the HiCo X-Browser as “Pilatus IETP-Viewer”. Additionally, there are some air forces, which use their publications via the HiCo X-Browser and where – dependent from the usage scenario – the HiCo iLS.Suite™ / HiCo ietdSuite® is in operation as DMS within the MRO process. Within these scenarios, the components ensure the controlled information provision for all recipients in the flight operation and in maintenance.

HiCo-ICS as partner of Pilatus Aircraft has proven itself as reliable company in complex projects in an international environment. HiCo-ICS consultants and developers are customer-oriented, competent, can rely on valuable work experience (customer projects, standards, etc.), showed persistence also in difficult phases and are flexible.”

Marcel Aregger, Head of Technical IT
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., Switzerland