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HiCo-ICS Connector

The content management system for future oriented IETD

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HiCo-ICS Connector

Modern Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD) is characterized by efficient creation of documents. This includes easy to handle linking methods and ways to assign hotspots, either within or between documents.

The use of conventional content management systems (CMS) is often cumbersome. For example, users have to switch continuously between a database interface and editor. This makes working less intuitive and hampers the technical writer’s process of understanding.

HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ has been developed with the goal to make life easier for technical writers, especially when they do error-prone or monotonous tasks. Technically, this is achieved by extending the features of PTC Arbortext® Editor™ and integrating new modules.

  • Efficient and intuitive link composing via LinkCompositor. No more erroneous links.
  • CMS functionality, such as checking in, checking out, editing, preview, building of publication structures, is provided by ContentExplorer
  • Toolbars and menus are customizable; multilingual user interface
  • Elaborate template management enables simple reuse of contents
  • Effective change management and change tracking
  • Out of the box ContentPackages (DTD/schemas, stylesheets, templates) supporting international standards such as ASD S1000D®, ATA iSpec 2200, iETD-ExportStandard
  • Advanced Help – context dependant help incorporating project specific documentation and guidelines
  • Hot Integration – Full integration of menus in PTC Arbortext® Editor™, a future-oriented SGML, and XML-editor
Linking Simple and efficient creation of links and hotspots via LinkCompositor
Integration Connection to a CMS (e.g. HiCo ietdSuite®) through a defined interface. HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ is an integral part of Arbortext® Editor™, which becomes manifest in additional menu entries and adaptable windows.
Different Views ContentExplorer shows different views of a manual or information/publication set. These are, for example, publication views, hardware views or functional views.
International Standards Given standards (e.g. ASD S1000D®, ATA iSpec 2200, iETD-ExportStandard) are completely supported and integrated.
Template Management Arbitrary document structures and contents can be templated and repeatedly inserted in documents.
Illustrations Illustrations are exported from the CMS and automaticallly declared and configured in documents. Insertions of multiple pages are automatically recalculated.

Product Version

  • HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ v6.x

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • PTC Arbortext® Editor™
  • HiCo ietdSuite®
  • (weitere CMS auf Anfrage)
  • HiCo X-Publisher® (for SGML-projects, print preview and rendering of PDF and MS Word)

Runs on:

  • Clients:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HiCo-ICS.