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HICO X-ContentSuite®

Web access for the worldwide usage of IETD

  • Overview
  • Key Features
  • System Requirements
HiCo X-ContentSuite®

With the HICO X-ContentSuite® a web application for defined access on the HiCo iLS.Suite®. The HICO X-ContentSuite® is based on the HiCo iLS.Suite® and complements the online access with different functionalities.

With the HiCo X-ContentSuite®, external persons like technicians, maintenance staff or lectors have access on the editorial process of Technical Publications, for example for quality checks.

As an online portal, the HiCo X-ContentSuite® thereby enables the external access on content of TechPub-Projects and ILS-Programs (Integrated Logistic Support).

  • Web access on HiCo iLS.Suite™: the HiCo X-ContentSuite® uses functionalities of the Content Management System and provides released documents and publications as HTML
  • Integration of external resources in the editorial workflow through online access on work packages
  • Preview, comment and change the status of documents and publications
  • Access on documentation of TechPub projects and ILS programs through navigation and publication structures
  • Creation of change notifications and feedback to the CMS
  • Support of common web-browser and mobile devices
  • No client installation necessary
Bilingual interactive display of IETD as HTML incl. Links and Hotspots
Support of common web-browser and mobile devices like Apple iPhone & iPad, Android (Smartphones, Tablets), Windows 8, Windows Phone
Windows Metro - Touch Interface
High security through communication via HTTPs and authentification & authorisation by the HiCo iLS.Suite™
Message system and notifications for work packages
Full-text or meta-data search for content objects
Automatic conversion from CGM to SVG – for display of vector illustrations without plug-ins (incl. Zoom, Hotspots, etc.)
Printing of content with watermarks
Browsing of a historical status (versions/revisions) of documents or publications
Different views of structured documents (SGML/XML) by customer-defined Stylesheets – standard, job cards, filtered content, etc.
Full screen, tree- and document areas hidden or shown
Permalinks to manage own favorites and favorite groups
Confirmation of additional technical information and feedback for confirmation in the CMS

Product Version(s):

  • HiCo X-ContentSuite® v5.1

System Requirements:

  • WebServer like e. g. IIS, Apache, etc.
  • HiCo iLS.Suite™
  • HTML5 Web-Browser on Windows, Linux, Android or iOS

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HiCo-ICS.