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HICO X-Publisher®

XML-based Transformation- and Publishing Solution

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HiCo X-Publisher®

The HICO X-Publisher® is a server-based system that abstracts XML and SGML contents from a file system or Content Management System, assembles it for different target audiences, and automatically publishes the assembled content with high-quality layout and formatting in both print and electronic formats.

Contents to be published are composed dynamically and completely linked on run time. The content can be retrieved from the file system or the CMS automatically. Optional profiling filters documents according to customer requirements. Automatically generated texts like table of contents complete the output.

  • Reduce publishing costs: the engine’s support of multiple types of media helps to reduce publishing costs.
  • Shorter time-to-market: the automation of the publishing process reduces the time for publication to a minimum.
  • Increase productivity: automated publishing makes it easier for authors to concentrate on creating and updating content.
  • Strengthen customer relations: content that is tailored individually to the needs of a specific target group can quickly be assembled, published and delivered in the required format.
  • Efficient usage: Through its easy integration in content management systems such as HiCo ietdSuite® and editors such as HiCo ietdSuite®:Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ it is the perfect addition to every editorial system.
  • StandardPackages: By using ready-made StandardPackages (e.g. iETD-ExportStandard, ASD S1000D®, ATA iSpec 2200 etc.), comprising all necessary DTDs/schemas, stylesheets and other confuguration files, projects can be started quickly without further adaption..
Publication On Demand Automatic publication on demand from XML and SGML sources to various media such as web, print, PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML Help. The dynamic provision of publications can be personalised according to the content and the design.
PDF Composition Support for direct PDF composition without the need of a third-party application. The following publication formats are provided: PDF4Print (only for printing) and PDF4Interactive (including all activated links, bookmarks and other features).
Microsoft Word Export Export of XML to Microsoft Word (RTF files). Large publications can be splitted into multiple documents.
Lists and Indexes Automatic generation of tables of content, lists of figures, lists of tables and indexes.
Enhanced Layout and
Formatting Options
The X-Publisher®:Designer allows important layout and formatting options for your publication. In principle, the functions are: adaption of title page, header and footer as well as of the warning, caution and note text boxes. The current version provides the Designer component for ASD S1000D® and ATA iSpec 2200.
Automatic Data
Embedding and
Document Merging
Automatically embeds data resulting from queries to databases, ERP systems and CRM systems. If the documentation consists of many single documents, these can automatically be merged und released as a collective publication.
CMS Integration Integration to PTC Windchill, HiCo ietdSuite® and other relevant content management systems.

Product version:

  • HiCo X-Publisher® v4.x

System Requirements:

HiCo X-Publisher®:DesktopClient

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

HiCo X-Publisher® Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HICO.