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Consulting and software of HiCo and PTC for TEST-FUCHS

Consulting and software of HiCo and PTC for TEST-FUCHS

In the near future TEST-FUCHS, a worldwide leading company in the field of aircraft test equipment GSE (Ground Support Equipment) and AGE (Aircraft Ground Equipment), will employ the software solutions of HiCo and PTC/Arbortext to meet the S1000D™ specifications.

The liability of TEST-FUCHS towards their customers is to provide interactive electronic technical documentation (iETD) or interactive electronically publications (IETP) du to the internationally valid specification S1000D™(www.s1000d.org) . A great challenge in this case is to realise the different customer requirements rapidly and efficiently. 

For this reason TEST-FUCHS chose the product and service portfolio of HiCo in the field of S1000D™ and on 2nd July 2007 HiCo was awarded the contract to realise the editorial and illustration system. This system will be realised basically on the HiCo ietdSuite™, EpiC-EditorPRO and Arbortext IsoDraw. 

EPiC-EditorPROfeatures the strengths of the worldwide leading SGML-/XML-Editor Abortext of PTC and specific add-ons, which are provided specifically for the processing of S1000D™. Arbortext IsoDraw is responsible for the creation and processing of technical illustrations. HiCo – X-Browser™ is used for quality assurance and for IETP.

HiCo X-Browser™ integrates PTC's IsoView, an intelligent viewer for technical graphics, what facilitates the display of and interaction with technical illustrations. Werner M. Schadelbauer, Chief Executive Officer of HiCo, says that the particular importance in the cooperation with TEST-FUCHS to execute this order is, that HiCo is able to realise flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions in the area of S1000D™ for both, multinationals as well as for medium-sized companies and sub-suppliers.

The first project stages comprises the delivery, launch and training of HiCo and Arbortext products and offers an optimal condition to process S1000D™ based on the specific rules of procedure and processes of the final customers (S1000D™ Business Rules or StyleGuides). It is planned to realise the first project stage until the end of 2007.

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