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HICO and EVEKTOR are implementing the HICO iLS.Suite® as the single source Authoring-, Publishing & In-Service Support System at EVEKTOR for the new EV 55 OUTBACK.

The goal was to set up the system readiness for authoring and publishing technical publications according S1000D Issue 4.1 in the shortest time possible. 
With a collaborative approach based on HICO´s best practices, the project team was able to set up set up a fully productive system based on S1000D Issue 4.1 and the customer specific requirements within 3 months.

Additionally, HICO offered the full range of trainings for the technical authors & illustrators and accompanied the team in the ramp-up phase.

Due to the fact that the HICO ILS.Suite® can be rapidly adopted to customers’ requirements and needs the implementation phase could be reduced to a minimum and the return of invest will be reached after short time.

The EVEKTOR technical publication department is now fully capable to produce all relevant Technical Publication in S1000D Issue 4.1 for the certification of the aircraft in 2017.

“Evektor has selected the HiCo ILS.Suite® because it met and even exceeded the requirements for an ASD/AIA/ATA S1000D Issue 4.1 authoring and publishing system for the new EV-55 aircraft. The software implementation and ramp-up process was quick and smooth, and HICO proved itself as a reliable business partner and system integrator.  The HiCo ILS.Suite® is clearly ahead of other technical authoring and publication solutions on the market and helped Evektor to speed up and simplified the authoring and publication process.”

Petr Grebenicek, Technical publishing & OSD Manager

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