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HiCo and ASN present themselves to the trade audience at the ILA Berlin 2010

ILA Berlin 2010

The International Aerospace Exhibition confirmed its value as a business platform even more convincingly than before and was presented to the professionals and the general public as a hi-tech sector that is classed among the key technologies of the 21st century.

With the largest participation in the 100-year history of the ILA, the 1,153 exhibitors from 47 countries presented an impressive range of products and services from every area of the aerospace industry. Approximately 235,000 visitors attended the fair. Compared with the previous ILA the number of trade visitors increased slightly to 125,000 (2008: 120.000). Contracts and business agreements with a total value of at least 16.5 billion dollars (approx. 14 bi. €) were signed during the air show.

Following 2008, HiCo showcases to the interested trade audience also this time at the ILA Berlin from June 8 to 13, 2010. This year, support came from ASN Aviation Service Network, network partner of HiCo from Hamburg.

The Managing Directors of both companies, Werner M. Schadelbauer from HiCo and Kai Ritter and Thomas Stein from ASN, were highly pleased about the interest of the many visitors at the joint booth of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber at the ILA 2010. Both companies presented their complementary solutions & services for ILS- / TechPub requirements from the aerospace industry regarding the international standards S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200.

Foremost, application examples of the HiCo software products, like the X-Browser™, which is already in successful operation as IETM-Browser solution within the Electronic Flight Bag of TUIfly and Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., were presented. Also, the Training Academy Pannonia, the compentence center from HiCo and ASN for trainings and workshops in the area of Technical Communication and Information Logistics, was introduced.

Further information about the ILA Berlin 2010 you will find at www.ila-berlin.de.

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