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The successful series of HICO products is now even better.
The HICO iLS.Suite® is designed as an all-in one solution for the support of Integrated Product Support (IPS) processes according to international specifications.

The HICO ietd.Suite® as CCMS (CSDB) for authoring, managing and publishing Content Objects supports multiple national and international specifications such as ATA iSpec 2200, ASD/AIA/ATA S1000D and HICO/tkMS iETD-ExpStd.

The new Minor Release of the HICO ILS.Suite® and its related products cuts a new edge on top of all Enterprise Authoring & Publishing and In-Service Support Solutions.

The new Minor Release will have improved performance, improved rights and security management functionalities, applicability management and will support the new Issue of the HICO/tkMS iETD-ExpStd v04.00.
The material supply module iMaM was enhanced to support S2000M Issue 6.0 and to create revised ATA Spec 2000 T-Files.

Current software product versions:

  • HiCo iLS.Suite® v6.9.0
  • HiCo X-Browser®:PRO v6.0.2
  • HiCo X-Browser®:Review v6.0.2
  • HiCo X-ContentSuite® v5.6.0
  • HiCo X-Publisher® v4.5.0
  • HiCo ContentPackage & StyleSets v2.15.0

As usual, you can request the Minor Release directly at the HICO Customer & Product Support (support@hico.com). If you need any support for the installation, please contact our experts.

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