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New Minor Release

The new HiCo iLS.Suite ™ v6.6.0, HiCo X-Content Suite ® V5.4.0 and HiCo X Publisher ® v4.3.0 will be released soon.

The HiCo-ICS Product Management will announce the new Minor Release from November 2014.
The product portfolio includes a number of new innovations and features, among others the improved Material Management and enhancements in the eQMS, eCCM and PiMS modules and multilingual StyleSETs for the publication with our CuSS.

Detaild production functions are presented at our "4th HiCo Board of Customer Advisory (BoCA)".

As usual, you can request the Minor Release directly at the HiCo-ICS Customer & Product Support (support@hico.com). If you need any support for the installation please contact our experts.

The HiCo X-Browser ® v6.0.0 and HiCo X-Content Builder ® v6.6.0 are defined for existing customers as a preview and is delivered for the first time with the next major release in the 1st half of 2015.

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