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  • Pilatus Aircraft introduces the HiCo X-Browser™ as company-wide IETP-/IETM-solution Pilatus PC-21

Pilatus Aircraft introduces the HiCo X-Browser™ as company-wide IETP-/IETM-solution Pilatus PC-21

Pilatus PC-21

he HiCo X-Browser™, which is already in successful operation at TUIfly, convinces as IETP-/IETM-Browser also at Pilatus Aircraft from Switzerland. Pilatus will establish the HiCo solution for the usage of offline IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) on-bord their PC-21 aircraft series within the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

Pilatus is going to introduce the HiCo X-Browser™ at their end-customer projects at the Singapore Airforce (Basic Wings Course) and at the Jet Pilot Training System JEPAS for the Swiss Air Force. Further Pilatus projects with the HiCo solution are already planned.

The HiCo X-Browser™ as part of the Electronic Flight Bag is certified by the German Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) according to JAR-OPS Class A.

Besides the IETM solution for the offline usage, the HiCo project at Pilatus also contains an IETP online solution. Via the HiCo X-ContentSuite™ - a web application - the ground maintenance staff is able to handle the Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals from Pilatus at any time in a fast and efficent way.

HiCo is delighted to add Pilatus Aircraft as a further international prestigious company from the aviation industry to the reference list.

About Pilatus:

Established in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is now the world’s leading manufacturer of single-engine turboprop aircraft and the only Swiss company to develop, build and sell aircraft and training systems on every continent. Headquartered in Stans, in the heart of Switzerland, Pilatus is also licensed to perform maintenance and conversion work on various aircraft types. The Pilatus Group further includes three independent subsidiaries in Broomfield (Colorado, USA), Adelaide (Australia) and Altenrhein (Switzerland). Pilatus is one of the biggest employers in central Switzerland, with a workforce of over 1,100 people at its head office.


The HiCo products hit the spot at the forefront company in Swiss aviation. The HiCo solutions will also be in operation at end-customers of Pilatus.

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