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Product portfolio “CELINE” is now available

The product portfolio "CELINE" was released by product management. Again, multitudes of innovations as well as new products to SLM-Gate were supplemented.

Current software product versions: 

  • HICO StyleSheetSet v3.0.0
  • HICO iLS.Suite® v6.11.0
  • HICO X-Browser® v6.2.0
  • HICO X-ContentSuite® v5.8.0
  • HICO X-Publisher® v4.7.0
  • HICO DeMoS v1.0.0
  • HICO X-ContentPortal v1.0.0

New Key-Features at a Glance 

Technological Changes

All Arbortext products (Editor, Publishing Engine and IsoDraw) have been updated to the current versions. The processing of CGM files is now executed via the HICO:CGM-Library and thus has a better performance and is more stable.

Editorial Improvements

The import/export of iETD-ExportStandard v04.00 Content Objects is now possible by using an SPSL. Furthermore, a schema is available for IPD data modules. During generation of data modules, also the publication structure can be considered. When importing Content Objects, the permitted Infocode for each manual part are checked now. For the generation of serial numbers, it is now possible to choose number ranges. Additionally, the generator now fills gaps and does no longer take only the highest serial number. There are also further improvements and processes in the variant management and work packages as well as reports for illustrations.

HTML and PDF Publication

For the generation of PDF and HTML publications, the permitted StyleSets of the HICO X-Publisher® can be directly managed in the HICO iLS.Suite® and in the TechPub-Project and can be assigned in the package as well, as in publication processes. Additionally, the homepages for the HICO X-Browser® can be managed for each variant and there are new options available for the export. It is now also possible to use the StyleSets for the preview of Content Objects. The applicability can now also be defined in the publication and then used in the HICO X-Browser®.

HICO DeMoS™ and HICO X-ContentPortal™

With this product portfolio the new HICO products HICO DeMoS™ and HICO X-ContentPortal™ are introduced. With this, it is now possible to generate DeMoS™ profiles and DeMoS™ packages for the automatic, worldwide distribution of publications for the HICO X-Browser® and the HICO X-ContentPortal™.


Improvements in the material management as well as support of change markers, when updating material data in procedural data modules.


A cloud-enabled, web-based distribution system for electronic data packages The HICO DeMoS™ is a scalable application for providing variable data packages to defined end-systems. The access to the single packages is contract base and therefore customer and period specific. The application possesses a direct integration into the HICO iLS.Suite® and the HICO End-Customer applications. All transactions will be logged in detail to ensure a current view on the different deliveries and the corresponding end-customer systems. In addition, the system implements standardized interfaces to enable the connection of external systems. 

HICO X-ContentPortal™

A cloud-enabled, web-based display of Interactive Electronic-Technical Documentation (IETD) via a standard web browser or mobile devices The HICO X-ContentPortal™ is a scalable web-application for defined access to electronical content. Your latest released content can be accessed by your end-customers through this application on a central platform, without any additional installation on client side. The application furthermore provides integration possibilities with several different back-end systems such as authentication, ordering or feedback.

Detailed product enhancements can be found in the corresponding release notes of the individual products.  

As usual, you can request the major release directly from HiCo-ICS Customer & Product Support (support@hico.com). Our experts will gladly assist you with the installation.

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