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Product portfolio “HUNTER” is now available

The new release of the HICO ILS.Suite® v6.10.0 and its related products cuts a new edge on top of all Enterprise Authoring & Publishing and In-Service Support Solutions.

Current software product versions:

  • HICO iLS.Suite® v6.10.0
  • HICO ContentPackage & StyleSets v2.16.0
  • HICO X-Browser® v6.1.0
  • HICO X-ContentSuite® v5.7.0
  • HICO X-Publisher® v4.6.0

New Key-Features at a Glance

New module HICO iLS.Suite®:iPCM

In the new module "HICO iLS.Suite®:iPCM - Integrated Product Configuration Managementwithin the Integrated Product Support (IPS)" the product breakdowns and their configurations can be managed for different products. Concrete products and materials can be defined by assigning them to device types. Via appropriate interfaces an existing Product Configuration Management can be imported from third party systems. 

New Modul HICO iLS.Suite®:iMaPI

In the new module "HICO iLS.Suite®:iMaPI - Integrated Planning, Management and Optimization of Maintenance Programswithin the Integrated Product Support (IPS)", the core elements of the LSA can be managed which are used in the supported support-processes. In an MRO-Project the necessary maintenance, material, troubleshooting and documentation processes can be managed with the corresponding trainings. From the defined measures, data modules with relevant LSA/project-specific information can be generated for the technical documentation. Additionally, the data can be harmonised during the creation process between the LSA systems and the technical documentation. 

HICO iLS.Suite®:PMiS & HICO iLS.Suite®:iMaM

Due to the integration of the above mentioned modules, this module was enhanced by appropriate functions so that these are able to interact seamlessly.

The ATA T-File generation process was completely revised. The process now supports the new 2014.01 format as well as the generation of Delta T-Files.

Revision Objects and Domains

Due to the above mentioned new modules, Revision Objects were developed. A Revision Object is a Business Object, which has a life cycle analogously to Content Objects as well as a predefined release workflow. Breakdown elements, device types, articles and measures were implemented as Revision Objects. For some Revision Objects also domains are available. Objects with domains can have different attribute characteristics for each domain. Basically all attributes of an object are managed in the master domain. In the course of ILS-Programs as well as product structures it is also possible to characterize these attributes in the project (for an ILS-Program) or in the installation location domain (breakdown element). 

TechDoc standards

The S1000D 4.2 version is now supported. 

Furthermore, editorial enhancements and new schemas and stylesheets for the iETD-ExportStandard v04.00 have been integrated. Thus e.g. packages can be created or updated automatically.

Support of 3D-IPC Functionality in End-Customer Applications 

Notification Center in HICO X-Browser®

As usual, you can request the release directly at the HICO Customer & Product Support (support@hico.com).If you need any support for the installation, please contact our experts.Our experts will gladly assist you with the installation.

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