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TUIfly trusts in "paperless cockpit"

TUIfly trusts in "paperless cockpit"

As TUIfly annouced in a recent press release, the airline will use the "Electronic Flight Bag", the system for an optimal flight preparation with approach chart, kerosine calculation and more, on their 40 Boeing 737 in the future. Also aboard is the X-Browser™ from HiCo.

On the way to a "paperless cockpit", TUIfly from now on trusts in the "Electronic Flight Bag". With a touchscreen, the pilot is able to access all relevant data and therefore saves a great amount of paper documents, manuals and maps.

Friedrich Keppler, CEO of TUIfly: "Through the EFB system we are able to reduce the time and manual efforts in flight preparation. The direct access on all relevant flight data increases the safety on board significantly."

Also aboard within the "Electronic Flight Bag" is the X-Browser™, the HiCo tool for displaying electronic content and illustrations - interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (iETD) - in an optimized user interface. The user, in this case the pilot, is able to retrieve fast and efficiently the desired information and can have it displayed in different views.

The HiCo X-Browser™ is certified to JAR OPS by the German Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) for operation at TUIfly.

Please find the complete TUIfly press release here.

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