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Whether your organization sells products or offers technical services, there is always a great amount of logistic information and product data around, either created inhouse or external. It is a challenging task to keep these documents consistent and ensure company-wide access to your data. A challenge, that has to be met variably according to the circumstances. Complete, accurate and timely documentation is a must for quality-conscious companies.

For these tasks in the field of Information Logistics, HiCo-ICS provides innovative Content Management Systems and modular software elements for realization of all-in solutions and for the integration within your existing system environment. The HiCo iLS.Suite™ is thereby the central application of HiCo-ICS for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Technical Documentation.

All products are designed scalable and can thus be used at major enterprises, as well as at small and medium-sized businesses and as single-workstation solutions. Hence HiCo-ICS realizes flexible, performant and cost-efficient solutions for technical publications and product information for companies of different sizes and its subcontractors. The focus is on user friendly, efficient creation and maintenance of information as well as on the continuity of processes without change in format.

Based on open standards like XML and SGML, we develop software solutions for creating ("create"), managing ("manage"), publishing ("publish") and the communication ("communicate") of structured Technical Publications (IETP) and service and product information. The ability of integration ("integrate") of existing applications and information ressources ensures investments and enlarges the scope of usage within company-wide overall solutions.

The HICO product range supports international established standards for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP), Integrated Material Management and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) like e.g. ASD S1000D®, ATA iSpec 2200, ASD S2000M, ATA Spec2000, ASD S3000L or iETD-ExportStandard which, based on common products, are supported through the appropriate configuration. The service and product offer especially addresses companies with complex documentation requirements as, for example, the aviation and ship building industry.

HICO solutions are partly based on the market-leading PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) products and technologies: Arbortext Editor™, Arbortext Publishing Engine™, Arbortext IsoView™ and Arbortext IsoDraw™. HICO has supplemented the PTC product portfolio with add-on's and complementary products and is thereby able to cover the customers' needs.

The product portfolio is divided into the following umbrella brands:

Authoring & CMS

Authoring & CMS contains all relevant products to create and manage structured Technical Publications (IETP) and service and product information. Through additional auxiliary tools it is possible to support the editorial process and thus to increase efficiency and productivity. The product range contains text and illustration tools, management and database mechanisms and fully automated linking.

Enterprise Publishing

Enterprise Publishing contains all relevant products, which extract data from a file or content management system, prepare them for different target groups and document types and publish them automatically with a defined layout and with the desired formatting in printed or electronical form.

Communication & Review

Communication & Review contains all relevant products, which commonly offer an automated, demand-oriented provision of to-the-minute information, which are exactly adapted to the specific configurations of information and the special needs of the users.

Business Process Integration

Business Process Integration represents a homogeneous coexistence of methods, products and application systems for analysis, modelling, execution, control and monitoring of business processes.