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SDL Tridion

XML-based EWCM solutions

  • Overview

HiCo-ICS’s high-end products enable enterprises to aggregate a common view on content from different sources, to manage and use content in different formats and to publish content to multiple channels like websites, online applications and print publications.

Tridion Enterprise Web Content Management (EWCM) enables:

  • Creation and management of content
  • Control of processes
  • Connectivity with existing systems

The XML-based EWCM solutions of Tridion are tailored individually to the customers, who want to use different electronic media, but also print and CD, for the distribution of business critical content to customers, partners, suppliers and employees or who want to provide E-Business applications like portals, online market places or e-shops with business critical content. 

When using Tridions products, it is possible to establish an Enterprise web Content Management infrastructure, which provides all strategic business areas with customer oriented information.

HiCo-ICS is one of the few European enterprises, which is a certified partner of Tridion. Tridion is, since several years, a very important player on the Web Content Management market. The leading research company Forrester Research has named Tridion’s core product R5 as the best EWCM product on the market.

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