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Additionally to the innovative software products, HiCo-ICS offers its customers services for consultancy as well as for the implementation of Integrated Technical-Logistic Information Systems (ITLS).

These services comprise Application Consultancy and Application Development for the configuration, the customization and the parameterization of Integrated Technical-Logistic Information Systems (ITLS).

Application Consultancy of HiCo-ICS covers the customer-specific planning, analysis, design, realization (parameterization & configuration) and launch of Integrated Technical-Logistic Information Systems (ITLS) and Innovative Service-Information Systems (ISiS) based on established and market customary standard products.

The analysis of Business Rules from Guidance Documents as well as the development of specialized Working Instructions is also part of Application Consultancy.

The analysis, the further development and the customer-specific adaption of components of ITLS & ISiS based on X-technologies, defined through “eXtensible Markup Language” (XML) and the enhanced family of (W3C-)standards, are part of Application Development by HiCo-ICS.

Especially, this also includes the further development of Stylesheets as well as of evaluation and validation processes.

In particular, this means the following X-technologies:


  • XML – as data description language
  • DTD, XML Schema – as grammar for the definition of information structures
  • XSL-FO – as formatting language
  • XSL(T) (with XPath) – as transformation language
  • XQuery – as query language for native XML databases
  • Schematron – schema language for validation of content and structure of XML documents (implementation via XSL transformation)
  • SVG – als XML based vector graphics description language

Additionally to the further development of these X-technologies, the services of HiCo-ICS also include the utilization and implementation of specific technologies of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) like FOSI´s and Styler-Stylesheets as well as de-facto standards in the area of technical-logistic information like e.g. CGM.