User Groups

  • ITLS Cooperation
  • BoCa

Founded in 2008, ITLS-cooperation represents a joint plattform of our most ambitious customers from industry (OEM and supplier), government agencies and logistic-services providers.

The objectives of the ITLS Cooperation are
    • To exchange experiences between members and with potential customers, suppliers and logistic service providers as well as with IT service providers about Integrated Technical Logistical IT Systems (ITLS) basing on international standards.
    • To collaboratively develop concepts and procedures to realize requirements of information and military logistics.
    • To mutually benefit from solution develpment.
    • To strengthen the members´market position as logistics service provider based on the intensive practical usage of the provided solutions and procedures.
    • To strengthen the members´market position compared to users of competitive systems.
Partners in the ITLS Cooperation

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), Kiel, Germany

  • representing the interests of OEM and purchaser of iETD 

BMLV Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports, Vienna, Austria

  • representing the interests of public purchaser and operator (entry via Eurofighter project)
  • representing the market segment military aviation

ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Bremen, Germany

  • representing the interests of system suppliers and logistics service providers

Rheinmetall Technical Publications GembH, Bremen, Germany

  • representing the interest of logistics service providers

HiCo-ICS GmbH, Eisenstadt, Austria

  • representing the interests of logistics service providers and especially IT-service providers

Customer satisfaction is based upon quality perception. The customer, what means you, determines what quality means. Therefore it is very important for us to understand your requirements and needs.

For this reason we brought the HiCo Board of Customer Advisory (BoCA) into being. As a key customer you will get in addition to an overview of the functional and technical development of our product portfolio, the possibility to examine the HiCo product and service offering critically. Through your feedback you can take influence on our plans, activities and marketing strategy and you can thus receive direct feedback from us.