Accelerated Growth in Market Demand

In a promptly changing world, technical systems and products become more complex. Therefore, the demand for technical data and product information increases dramatically. Delivering the required information precisely with a sufficient level of quality should be the responsibility of the customer support and the technical services. This duty would be to provide the maintenance of complex and long-life technical systems. One of the key elements for helping the process-oriented approach and the modern IT technology is changing from paper-based to digitalized information. HICO´s solution approach enables the seamless integration of existing sources of information. Information Logistics has an emphasis on the value of information for the end-customers with the aim of the highest level of customer satisfaction. The main objectives of the solution are optimization of processing time for the provisioning of information and up-to-date availability of consistent data. Moreover, the needs-based usage of technical data, product, and service information are ensured for pre-defined target groups. The comprehensive support of Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) and Integrated Product Support (IPS) and the other available applications of HICO´s solutions can contribute to outstanding support quality and service efficiency for its end-customers.