PTC Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) & WQS – portfolio

The resale of PTC products is focused on the PTC Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) & Windchill Quality Solution (WQS) segment. The main product in the context of HICO IPS-Business Applications are the PTC Arbortext® products and Windchill Quality Solution (WQS), formerly known as RELEX.
The PTC Arbortext® products can be used standalone or integrated with the HICO TEDD™ portfolio.

Creating, managing, and delivering content in an efficient way requires a system that ensures every element of the process is simple – and smart. The PTC Solutions provide real-time validation, automatic publishing, task-based graphical content, streamlined change management, and more.

Enable the authoring of structured SGML/XML content with real-time validation.

Create fast high-quality Technical Illustrations and animations with real-time CAD data.

Couples data to deliver task-based graphical content specific to product configurations, supporting formats from hard copy to augmented reality.

PTC Windchill Quality Solutions combines product quality, reliability and risk management capabilities in a single integrated solution. Supported analyses include: FRACAS, FMEA, FTA, Prediction, RBD.

About PTC – A leading PLM Company

PTC (Parametric Technology Coporation) is a computer software and services company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
PTC is a leading company in the following technologies: computer-aided design (CAD); Product Lifecycle Management (PLM); Internet of Things (IoT); Augmented Reality (AR)-platforms.

About HICO’s partnership with Parametric Technology Corporation

HICO has been a reseller for the defined PTC-Product Portfolio since October 2018. Prior to the acquisition of Arbortext by PTC, HICO was already an Arbortext partner and has been working with Arbortext technologies since 1997. HICO has in-depth technology and application knowledge of the PTC Arbortext & WQS product portfolio. HICO trainers who work with the PTC products on a daily basis are responsible for the trainings. This ensures practice-oriented training with the highest quality standards.