It is important to integrate the engineering department in an overall IPS-process and to provide Engineering-Supporting services and tools for Safety Analyses (Proof of Safety and Reliability) and other analyses of the supportability and maintainability of systems.

Design Interface deals with the design of user interfaces between humans and machines. To this end, the conditions, goals and obstacles of this interaction are researched from both the human and the technical side and later – as far as possible – optimized for us, humans. While designers deal in detail with the behavior and conception of a product in the course of interaction design, interface design is about the concrete design, although not only visually, of an interface. Both disciplines are difficult to separate from each other, the boundaries are fluid because every interaction designer usually creates a graphic interface in the course of the process. Typical fields of work of interface designers are software design, usability research, web design or product design.

The business processes of this IPS-Discipline are supported by the following HICO IPS-Business Applications: