HICO TEDD™-portfolio

HICO solution bundles support the IPS-discipline Technical Data (Technical Documentation)

With more than two decades of experience in Technical Documentation, using HICO-tools in this context means that the HICO-experience becomes your specialist knowledge.

HICO solution bundles support the IPS‐discipline Technical Data (Technical Documentation)

We offer a variety of solution bundles that fulfil any business requirements.

The HICO solution bundles for the IPS-discipline Technical Data/Technical Documentation (TEDD) covers all products for authoring, management and milti-channel publishing of Technical Documentation according to specific TechDoc-specifications.

Additionally, defined processes and functions of the IPS-discipline Supply Support & Provisioning (SUSU) are integrated for the efficient preparation of Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD). Furthermore defined field-tested and well known IETP-applications are part of the TEDD-Solution Bundles.

Product variants of HICO TEDD‐Solution Bundles

Choose the market-leading products for the IPS-discipline Technical Data/Technical Documentation (TEDD) appropriate to your specific needs and requirements.

The key differentiator of the product variants is the ability to process the different TechDoc specifications of the S-Series of IPS Specifications or the ATA e-Business program. The second major differentiation is whether SGML processing is a requirement in addition to XML processing.

The HICO S1000D-Suite™ solution bundle primarily supports the S1000D TechDoc specification.

The HICO TEDD-Solution Bundles have the unique selling point that you can basically process any type of XML schema via a simple configuration.

The HICO TechDoc-Suite™ solution bundle also supports other specifications of the ATA eBusiness program (e.g. ATA iSpec 2200, ATA Spec 2000) in addition to the S1000Dspecification.

This solution is also characterized by the fact that company standards can also be processed. An example is the “iETD-ExportStandard” from “thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS)” which is used in marine projects.

Details on the product variants of the HICO TEDD™-portfolio can be found in the matrix below.

HICO S1000D‐Suite™ HICO TechDoc‐Suite™
Main functionality BASIC PRO PLUS PLUS
Technical Authoring System x x x x
Component‐based Content Management System (CCMS) – S1000D®-CSDB x x x x
Publishing of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP´s) x x x x
IETP desktop solution (for internal use only) x x x x
IETP Viewer (for internal use and distribution) x x x x
PDF-Publishing Process x x x
Support of TechDoc-Standard S1000D® (and S2000M basic functionality) x x x x
Support of TechDoc-Standard ATA iSpec 2200 (and ATA Spec 2000 basic functionality) x
Supporting of further TechDoc-Standards in addition to S1000D® and ATA iSpec 2200 x
XML-Data Processing x x x x
SGML-Data Processing x x

S1000D® is an in EU registered trademark owned by ASD – AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (in short: ASD / ASD-Europe; www.asd-europe.org).