HICO iPS.Suite®-portfolio

The HICO iPS.Suite® portfolio supports you in the end-to-end implementation of business processes for Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS). This central One-Stop-Solution supports you in analyzing, creating, processing and managing your technical-logistical IPS/ILS deliverables.

The main objective is the seamless integration of the different IPS-disciplines in ONE central IPS-repository and the continuous traceability and integrity of the IPS-/ILS-datasets. The single-source principle is applied consequently and works in a monolithic solution, which does not require any system-internal data exchange – system breaks are avoided. HICO iPS-Suite® is the HICO-Lead Brand and represents the complete HICO-Standard Software or HICO IPS-Business Applications as part of the HICO-Product Portfolio.

The HICO IPS-Software is modular in design. Seamless integration of all IPS-disciplines is ensured with ONE solution without additional interfaces.

HICO is the first vendor worldwide to offer the ASD/AIA S-Series IPS Specifications and the ATA eBusiness-Program as an integrated solution. The HICO IPS-Business Applications based on ALL these IPS/ILS specifications have been proving themselves in productive use since 2017.

The HICO iPS.Suite® is the only internationally established IPS-Business Solution that already supports the holistic application of these specifications.

The HICO-Business Model takes into account that individual solution bundles and modules can be purchased as appropriate to their needs. This means that the solution bundles and software modules of the HICO IPS.Suite® can be licensed in different, use case driven product configurations. These can be combined and expanded at any time in a solution-oriented manner.

The HICO-Product Philosophy supports you in cost-optimized licensing of your product configuration while ensuring a sustainable holistic solution approach.

HICO iPS.Suite® is designed as an Integration Platform and can be easily and effectively integrated into your process and system landscape.

The HICO-Product Portfolio is extended by complementary third-party technologies, which broaden the possible application scenarios.