The HICO-PSA-Suite™ is the HICO IPS-Business Application for performing Product Support Analysis (PSA) with the objective of developing cost-efficient Support Concepts. This includes sustainable Maintenance Concepts for complex technical systems with a long operating lifespan.

Powering Supportability Engineering & Product Support Analysis (PSA)

The HICO PSA-Suite™ is the world’s leading system for centralized computerized data processing of your Supportability Engineering & Product Support Analysis (PSA) processes.
The end-to-end implementation of IPS business processes is in full compliance with global IPS/PSA specifications such as the “ASD/AIA S-Series IPS Specifications”.

In addition, other national or industry-specific IPS/PSA specifications such as “US GEIA-STD-0007” are also supported in the context of data exchange and reporting.

In addition, the HICO PSA-Suite™ offers unique capabilities for the tailored and program-specific implementation of Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS) requirements.

The end-to-end integration of the various IPS-disciplines is available in an one-stop solution for Integrated Product Support (IPS). This enables seamless integration of processes such as automated generation of Technical Publication components based on PSA-data without interfaces.

Product Description

Management of IPS-/ILS-programs together with assigned deliverables from projects in various IPS-disciplines.

An IPS program forms the bracket around all relevant IPS disciplines. It offers the possibility to manage multiple product structures and product configurations and the associated deliverables 

In addition, it is possible to manage the life cycle of defined “serialized” complex technical systems (e.g. concrete aircrafts, helicopters, ships, submarines) in general and/or in a fleet environment.The technical change management process can be implemented in the context of the above functionalities. Finally, the IPS-/ILS-deliverables are deployed to different service domains – System Operation Domain, In-Service Support Domain, Maintenance Domain.Specifically, the generation of IETP-DataLoad packages for IPS-/ILS-programs is supported with enhanced functionalities (incl. usage of supplier, legacy documentation, technical change information, ITAR control).

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iPS.Suite®:PMiS

IPS Product Configuration Management as the basis for management of all relevant IPS delivery items

The IPS-Product Configuration Management addon product provides the management of the Product Breakdown for different products or customers including their configurations.

A product breakdown builds the backbone and reference structure for various data and outputs as a result of defined IPS-disciplines – like e.g. Supporting Design Analysis, Maintenance Programs, Supply and Provisioning as well as Technical Data (Technical Documentation), etc.. The integrated release and revision functionalities ensure that the current configuration and revision of relevant IPS products and the state of the product configuration are consistent in the context of an effective component management. Defined interfaces allow the effortless integration of external information sources (engineering-systems, PLM-systems) and to import and export product breakdown related data.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iPS.Suite®:iPCM

The integrated maintenance programs are the basis for any Product Support Analysis (PSA)/Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)-activities. Its centerpiece is the Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA), which combines information from the Design Analysis, Material Management and Technical Data. The results of the MTA build the basis for relevant maintenance / LSA reports and can be directly used in the Technical Documentation by automatic generation of procedural data addon products. Changes (e.g. from an optimization process) to maintenance programs lead to an automatic update of the Technical Documentation. In addition, during the creation process, data can be synchronized between other third party RAMS-/LSA-systems.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iPS.Suite®:iMAPI

Creation, Management and Analysis of Preventive Maintenance Task Requirements and PSA Failure Modes.

While Preventive Maintenance Task Requirements (PMTRs) according ASD S4oooP or ATA MSG-3  build the basis for preventive maintenance, the PSA Failure Modes as a result od the Equipment Failure Mode and Effects Analysis  (Equipment FMA) according ASD S3000L are the the basis for the corrective maintenance.

This addon product allows to manage and to optimize the serviceability and maintainability of a product.The identified Maintenance Task Requirements (MTR) can be transformed to maintenance tasks, as a basis for the Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA).Additionally, existing tasks can be converted back to maintenance task requirements as an input for further supporting design analysis.Specialized Reports like MMP, MTL, ALS, SMP, etc. can be generated for a defined product type, based on the available maintenance task requirement data and used for the Technical Publications.

In the context of corrective maintenance the addon product provides support to conduct an Equipment FMEA based on ASD S3000L to identify, localize and assess failure modes that may occure.  The addon product support the maintenance analyst during the identification of applicable and effective correvtive maintenance tasks to restore a non- or under-performing asset to an optimum or operational condition.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iLS.Suite®:iSDA-BAS

Configuration, management and Conduction of Decision Tree based Maintenance Analsysises.

Decision Trees build the core concept of a ASD S4000P or ATA MSG-3 Preventive Maintenance Analysis (PMA). The addon product HICO iLS.Suite®:iSDA-PRO allows both to configure / tailor existing ASD S4000P decision trees or to introduce completly new analysis logics. With the configured decision trees traceable and versionable analysis can be conducted and the according results, like e.g. PMTRs can be generated automatically. In addition the decision tree concept can also be applied to other objects or disciplines to conduct e.g. a LSA Candidate Analysis in the context of a Corrective Maintenance Anlysis (CMA), or other relevant analysis types.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iLS.Suite®:iSDA-PRO

A central material data repository as single source of truth for all material related IPS disciplines

This addon product allows the management of all different material data, parts catalogues or parts lists relevant for all maintenance related activities. The according parts can be either selected during the Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA), when appliying the ASD S3000L or,  with the aid of the integrated MaterialSetter can be inserted directly into the Technical Documentation. The addon product also supports the automatic generation of maintenance documentation including constructs like CSNRefs.

Additional material processes allow the controlled import, export and update of materials data within the data modules. Additional material checks allow the quick identification of data errors.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iLS.Suite®:iMAM-BAS

The enhanced Material Management addon product provides extended material related functions for the generation and processing of ATA T-Files or various ASD S2000M  messages. In addition this addon product provides a simplified, reusable Illustrated Parts List (IPL) with a strong product breakdown integration for programs, where the complexity of an ASD S2000M is not needed.

The integrated Initial Provisioning List functionality supports the process of spare part optimization and provides an interface for third party life cycle sost optimization solutions.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO iLS.Suite®:iMAM-PRO

The HICO PSA-Suite™ enables the generation and change process of maintenance procedures based on the results of the “Maintenance Tasks Analysis (MTA)”. At the same time, the integrity of the referenced material data such as spare parts data, consumables, tools, etc. is ensured.

IPS-Discipline:  Product Name: HICO TEDD™-portfolio

Product variants of solution bundle HICO PSA-Suite

The HICO PSA-Suite™ is offered in different product variants.

PRO ULTRA Main functionality
x x Component‐based Central IPS Repository with CSDB Integration
x x Management of IPS-/ILS-programs together with assigned deliverables from projects in various IPS-disciplines
x x Management of Product Configurations for different products or customers including their product breakdowns and devliverables.
x x Development of Maintenance Programs including the generation of IPS deliverable items
x x Analysis of Equipment Failure Modes (Equipment FMEA) considering the aspects of failure identification and isolation
x System aided, decision tree based Preventive Maintenance Analysis (PMA), Corrective Maintenance Analysis (CMA) and Operational Maintenance Analysis (OMA)
x x Management of different material data, parts catalogues or parts lists as integrated supply, support and provisioning basis for the other IPS disciplines
x Support of S2000M Message Generation and Management of Initial Provisiong Lists  

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