HICO AMaX™-portfolio

HICO’s After-Market Solutions for Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Lifecycle Support (ILS) focus on a wide spectrum of application domains. These relate in particular to Maintenance Processes, In-Service Support and support of those responsible for secure System Operation.

HICO After Market eXperience platform – more than just simple IETP-Viewers

The source for the provision of Technical Publications and other data packages, such as Maintenance Data Packages, is the HICO iPS.Suite® or the HICO TEDD-Solution Bundles.

The central IPS-Repository of the HICO iPS.Suite® or the Component Content Management System (CCMS) implemented in the TEDD-Solution Bundles manages the information relevant for end users. This includes Technical Data, Product Information, Technical Publications and Maintenance Data.

The HICO After Market eXperience platform “HICO AMaX™” ensures that these extensive and complex databases are made available in a simple form for defined multimedia channels.

The published data sets and IETP-Load Data packages can be processed by the various end-user systems.

The effective use by end users follows the Integrated Information Logistics paradigm and is thus sustainably improved.

The information relevant to the end user is ensured in the optimized user system in a need-based, timely and location-specific manner.

Products of HICO AMaX™-portfolio

The Review and Approval process of IPS/PSA-data and Technical Publications involves several departments (e.g. Design & Engineering) or external organizations (e.g. certification organizations) at distributed locations.

To integrate these into a simplified and intuitive user interaction in the IPS-Production Process, an IPS-Collaboration Platform was developed.

The focus is particularly on process-driven Review Workflows, Release Processes and QA-Processes for deliverables of the different IPS-disciplines. These are in particular Technical Publications.

Efficient tools are available for communication and tracking of change requests. These are, for example, redlining tools for marking corrections in Technical Descriptions, Maintenance Procedures and in Technical Illustrations.

Unlike IETP applications, all process participants have direct and controlled access to the production database.With IETP-applications, end users get access to published and released data.

Product Name: HICO X-ContentSuite®

Easy-to-use IETP-viewing, navigation and retrieving

The HICO X-Browser®:Viewer is a simplified just-in-place IETP-solution for viewing, navigation and retrieving of Interactive Electronic Technical Publicaitons (IETP´s).

This IETP solution for Technical Publications enables hybrid processing according to ASD/AIA/ATA Spec S1000D and Legacy Publications which are available in other formats (e.g. PDF).

The solution is provided as an HTML-publication and is intended for internal use as well as distribution to third parties without additional costs.

This solution is designed in such a way that offline use is possible without the need for Internet access.

Product Name: HICO X-Browser®:Viewer

Field-tested and well known leading IETP-desktop solution
The HICO X-Browser®:PRO is the just-in-place IETP-application supporting offline usage scenarios. Usage of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP´s), optionally including supplier or legacy publications and related change-informations, by operators, service centers, maintainers or field service engineers (FSE´s). The HICO X-Browser®:Review product variant is the just-in-place IETP-application supporting offline usage scenarios with enhanced change management capabilities. This product variant provides advanced functions for managing and processing comments and change requests. These are the basis for implementing the data feedback processes to exchange information and experience from operations to the IPS/ILS managers in the back office.

Product Name: HICO X-Browser®:PRO  |  HICO X-Browser®:Review

Leading tablet-optimized IETP-desktop solutions

The use of space-saving tablets by end users of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP’s) is becoming increasingly important.

HICO has developed optimized IETP-App´s for for defined publication types.

The HICO IETP APP’s have similar product features as the other HICO IETP-Desktop Solutions. The use by Operators, Service Centers, Maintenance or Field Service Engineers (FSE’s) is optimized for offline use with Apple iPad’s and Windows Tablets.

Product Name: HICO X-Browser®APP(iOS)  |  HICO X-Browser®:APP(win)

HICO DeMoS™ – hub for controlled distribution of electronic data packages. Deployment and monitoring of released product and service information – incl. Technical Publications and IETP´s of any kind.

The HICO DeMoS™ is a scalable deployment and monitoring solution for product and service related content over the Internet or Intranet to defined enduser systems. E.g. IETP-applications, Customer Support Portals, Maintenance Information Systems (MIS).
Content can be received from different systems and will be provided to enduser systems according to the corresponding assignments (programs/projects, fleets, contracts, permissions, etc.).

The access to the content can be implemented on a contractual base and therefore is customer-specific and for defined performance periods.

The application possesses a direct integration into the HICO IPS.Suite® and the HICO products of the HICO AMaX™-solutions – especially the various IETP-applications.

All transactions will be logged in detail to ensure a current view on the different deliveries and the corresponding enduser systems.
In addition, the system implements standardized interfaces to enable the connection of external systems (e.g. CRM-/ERP-systems).

Product Name: HICO DeMoS™

Worldwide online access to up-to-date Technical Product Data, Maintenance and Service Information or Technical Publications in general via customer-support portals.

The HICO X-ContentPortal™ is a web-application for the access of released Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP´s) and the implementation of customer support portals. The HICO X-ContentPortal™ ensures a just-in-time access to released IETP´s, other (supplier) documentation and related product-, service- and change-information via the TechPub-store.

In contrast to other IETP-products from HICO, this solution allows the traceability to previous revisions respectively the life cycle of revisions.

The solution architecture is designed for the simple and seamless integration of third-party applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, PLM) and different back-end systems (e.g. for authentication).

This allows the implementation of comprehensive business processes in the area of customer and product support (e.g. ordering process, in-service feedback process).

Product Name: HICO X-ContentPortal™