Case Study FACC Challenger350: Technical Authoring & Illustration with the HICO TechDoc-Suite™ for Challenger350.

HICO as full-line supplier for Integated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS) and FACC AG as Tier1 Supplier of BOMBARDIER Business Aircraft (BBA) successfully create, manage and publish Technical Publications according ATA e-Business Standards for highly modular BOMBARDIER Business Aircraft Challenger350 Interior using the HICO iPS.Suite® as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) since 2013.

In the next years over 500 Challenger 350 will be produced and due to its modular construction and to satisfy the customer demands, the Challenger 350 interior is highly customized.

HICO and FACC are able to create, manage, distribute and control the technical publications from beginning 2014 up to now 300 aircraft sets (ShipSets) with each 30 top assemblies and its revisions due to the collaborative project management approach.

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