Spec 2000: E-Business Specification for Materiels Management

The purpose of ATA Spec 2000 is to provide cost effective, state of the art techniques and standards which will be generally accepted by the Commercial Aviation Industry as the means for assuring optimum Communication/Data Exchange. It is important that this purpose and the following objectives be continually emphasized so that the specification will remain current to technology advancement in the future, as well as to adjust to Industry’s requirements in an ever changing environment.

ATA Spec 2000 is organized into major chapters

  • Chapter 1: Provisioning
  • Chapter 2: Procurement Planning
  • Chapter 3: Order Administration
  • Chapter 4: Customer Invoicing
  • Chapter 5: Information and Data Exchange
  • etc.

ATA Spec 2000 is jointly produced by the following organizations, their members, and customers:


Significance for HICO: Based on the HICO-Business Applications, essential processes of integrated Material Management (iMAM) are supported in conformity with the ATA Spec 2000 standard. The module “HICO iPS.Suite®:iMAM-BAS (BASic)” is part of the HICO TEDD™-portfolio and supports the processing of material data in the technical documentation process – especially with regard to spare parts management and corresponding Illustrated Spare Parts Catalogs (IPC´s).
The “HICO IPS.Suite®:iMAM-PRO (PROfessional)” module is part of the HICO PSA-Suite® and supports specific material supply and material provisioning processes.