Product portfolio “MIA” is now available


The delivery to the product portfolio "MIA" with the new HICO iLS.Suite® 7.0 and the HICO X-Publisher® 5.0 as well as the SLM-Gate products HICO 3D-Ultimate™ v1.0, HICO X-ContentSuite® 7.0, HICO X-Browser® 7.0, HICO X-ContentPortal® 2.0 and HICO DeMoS® 2.0 are approaching. The new product portfolio extends the existing IPS disciplines with the modules Design Analysis (iSDA), Advanced Material Management (iMAM-PRO) and support for e-learning using SCORM. Additional major enhancements in TechDoc and existing IPS segments complete the overall package. Further details can be found below. With the new HICO iLS.Suite® module "iSDA", Preventive Maintenance Task Requirements (PMTR) [...]