The delivery to the product portfolio “MIA” with the new HICO iLS.Suite® 7.0 and the HICO X-Publisher® 5.0 as well as the SLM-Gate products HICO 3D-Ultimate™ v1.0, HICO X-ContentSuite® 7.0, HICO X-Browser® 7.0, HICO X-ContentPortal® 2.0 and HICO DeMoS® 2.0 are approaching.

The new product portfolio extends the existing IPS disciplines with the modules Design Analysis (iSDA), Advanced Material Management (iMAM-PRO) and support for e-learning using SCORM. Additional major enhancements in TechDoc and existing IPS segments complete the overall package. Further details can be found below.

  • With the new HICO iLS.Suite® module “iSDA”, Preventive Maintenance Task Requirements (PMTR) can be managed based on a data model of the ASD S3000L and S4000P.

  • The editing of maintenance tasks has been optimized on the basis of customer feedback and expanded with regard to the ASD S3000L standard. The generation of procedural data modules according to different TechDoc standards rounds off the package.

  • The new HICO iLS.Suite® module “iMAM-PRO” supplements the existing material management (BASic) with additional functions such as: CSNIPD / T-File Export, Provisioning List, Parts Catalog / Hotspots checks, etc.

  • The modular creation of online learning material now complies to SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) with the new module HICO iLS.Suite®:SCORM via standardized interfaces for a defined Learning Management System (LMS).

  • The HICO LogDEx App ™, now available as a standard product, makes it easy to collect material data and maintenance tasks from suppliers without the need to install a complex IPS software.

  • With the now fully integrated StyleSETs within the HICO iLS.Suite® and the enhanced features of HICO X-Publisher®:Designer, the publication of complex multilingual PDFs has been greatly simplified.

  • With HICO 3D-Ultimate ™, customers can manage their 3D illustration in the HICO iLS.Suite® and automatically integrate them into HTML publications. The interactive presentation of 3D content is now possible in all HICO products.

  • From this version, our web-based deployment solution HICO DeMoS® can also be operated using Microsoft Azure Cloud mechanisms.

  • In the HICO X-Browser® the printing functionality for IPD data modules has been optimized and the integration with HICO DeMoS® have been improved. In addition, a version for Apple iOS is now available with the HICO X-Browser®:APP(iOS).

  • Starting with this version of the HICO X-ContentPortals®, it is now also possible to integrate an LDAP system for user administration as well as an improved responsive design.

Detailed product enhancements can be found in the corresponding release notes of the individual products.

As usual, you can request the major release directly from HiCo-ICS Customer & Product Support ( Our experts will gladly assist you with the installation.