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What the event is

The Montréal metropolitan area in Québec, Canada, is one of the world’s three most important aviation clusters. Aeromart Montréal is therefore one of the most important aviation trade shows or B2B platforms in the North American region.

HICO participates actively in Aeromart and organizes management and expert meetings for existing HICO customers, interested parties as well as partner companies during this period.

This makes Aeromart the most important customer event in the context of aviation or in the context of Integrated Product Support (IPS) in the North American region from HICO Canada’s point of view.

Why you should attend

In addition to the opportunity to exchange information at the B2B meetings during Aeromart Montréal, HICO organizes expert panels at the nearby corporate office on IPS topics relevant to customers and questions about relevant IPS specifications.

Another focus will be presentations and discussion sessions on current product innovations of the latest release MAJA on the HICO TEDD™-portfolio, the HICO PSA-Suite® as well as the HICO After Market eXperience platform – the HICO AMaX™-portfolio.

In addition, customers will have the opportunity to learn about the RoadMap for the upcoming release CAROLINE, which will be released in Q4 of this year.

How we support you

The HICO marketing team will be happy to support you in the organization of meetings with HICO-Management, Business Development Managers or international HICO-Experts.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at “marketing@HICO.com” – by noting the keyword “HICO@Aeromart Montréal” you will support our team in the organization of the event.

For the organization of B2B meetings you can also use the event platform of the organizer.