tkMS implements MLDS as a naval application of the ASD/AIA S-Series based on the HICO iPS.Suite®

The Maritime Logistics and Documentation Standard (MLDS) is the implementation of the S-Series IPS Specifications at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS). This will be developed in close cooperation with HICO.

The safe and effective running of submarines in today’s use scenarios is a key challenge for thyssenKrupp Marine Systems’customers.

The complexity of the product is growing rapidly. This is reflected in the increasing integration and networking of components. The impact on submarine operation and service is therefore correspondingly large.

The need of innovative operating concepts results in a high number of operating cycles and application scenarios.

At the same time there are increasing requirement to the system logistics and disciplines of Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Lifecycle Support (ILS) – especially of the Supply Support & Provisioning, Maintenance-Planning,
-Management & -Improvement and Technical Data (Technical Documentation).

Important management guidelines and objectives of tkMS, were in particular the process implementation – based on internationally approved TechDoc- and IPS/ILS specifications – as well as the use of standard products on the market.

“As an implementation partner of tkMS, HICO fulfilled both requirements, on the one hand due to its active participation in the standardization committees and on the other hand due to the HICO product portfolio, which greatly simplified the implementation of a central ILS repository,” explains Barbara Bennemann, Senior Manager at tkMS. “With the implementation of the MLDS, a high quality standard and a high degree of automation were achieved for the IPS/ILS products to be generated.”

The simple and structured integration of system suppliers into the MLDS process was achieved by implementing a specific tool for entering decentralized technical product data. In its overall form, the realization of the MLDS made it possible to implement a process that ensures an integrated working method based on product configuration management in accordance with ASD/AIA S3000L.

“The Maintenance Optimization and the creation of the technical documentation were essential objectives, which HICO implemented to our satisfaction with the integrated solution approach based on the HICO iPS.Suite®, says Mrs. Bennemann of tkMS.

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